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If one were to ask America's top 100 golf instructors what would be the most common swing error they would undoubtedly say the all too common reverse weight shift. A reverse weight shift is the result of an unstable foundation. Visualize a person chopping down a tree. They would cut the tree on the side in which they wanted it to fall. The tree will always fall to the side in which it is cut. Liken that to a golfer. If a player's right (back) leg does not remain flexed, his or her weight falls towards the left (forward). The resulting "tree falling" motion is a reverse weight shift.

During a golf swing, the right knee becomes the pivot point for the backswing and launching pad for the downswing.  When the right knee stays in a flexed position during the backswing, a player can coil their weight into their back leg, thus storing energy for the downswing. 

While using the KNEE Tac-Tic on their right knee, a player will hear a "click" when they do not maintain a flexed knee position. The KNEE Tac-Tic will allow a player to self-correct the problem and will help them to avoid a reverse weight shift. The final result will be a solid foundation for a powerful golf swing.



  • Eliminates reverse pivot:
  • Promotes proper weight shift:
  • instant feedback you can hear and feel:
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Tac-Tic Knee

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